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About Verbo Group

Verbo Group, with its head office in Tilburg, is an international waste processing organization with 4 companies, spread over more than 20 countries and with more than 75 employees. The Verbo Group companies are each focused on different end products, however, the Professional Waste Solution program is central to each company, in which the environment, ease of use and sustainability play an important role.


Pioneer in unburdening and processing waste and failure flows

The unburdening and processing of waste and waste flows is the basis of the Verbo Group. Relieving paper producers of laminated paper has been the usual and innovative working method of the Verbo since 1997. That portfolio was later supplemented with plastic flows, the development, production and trade of the complete package of floor protection and insulation materials. All four companies now have their own specialism in the field of unburdening waste flows.


The unique thing about our concept is that all materials can be reused. Either as a new end product or as a raw material. The close cooperation of various specialties between the four companies gives the Verbo Group a high degree of flexibility. This ensures that maximum yield can ultimately be achieved from plastic and paper waste flows.


Where it all started

Since 1997 Verbo BV has been engaged in the production of and trade in products for the construction and painting wholesaler. The first year was only the purchase and sale of rolls of plasterer. In the following years the range of products was continuously expanded and now Verbo offers a complete package of floor protection and insulation materials. Ipt BV was founded in 2007. In the first instance for the suppliers of Verbo BV to unburden even more waste flows from their production. Today, Ipt BV is a worldwide certified company specialized in the collection, sorting and trading of different types of paper. Ipt recycling BV has environmentally friendly solutions for plastic production waste. The impressive equipment from Ipt recycling has various capacities and properties. In a playful way it deals with, among other things, large, heavy lumps of plastic waste. Because the residual materials such as sand and metal are filtered out and sieved, various qualities and types can be processed. The clean end product finds its way to injection molding shops, the foil industry or is absorbed into plastic sheets. Ppi BV is a leading partner in the food industry. Ppi manufactures nutrition-related items for support and hedging. An eye for quality and expertise come together in paper trays, lids and pallet sheets. The versatility in customization is reflected inapplicability. Cake, cheese, fish, meat dishes and other foods find their way on and under the products of Ppi.


In 2020, we are at our location in Tilburg with more than 75 employees, 24 hours a day, working on 40,000 square meters with the production and logistics of our products. Where we were still working nationally in 1997, we are now an internationally operating organization with agents and relations worldwide.


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Verbo Group

The personal approach and close customer relationships are fundamental to the Verbo Group

Global presence

Verbo's international presence continues to increase worldwide, as demand within the industry continues to grow as well. We work closely with our distributors all over the world. Are you curious about our distributors or do you want to know more about our products? Please feel free to contact us!

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