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De Covid-19 sneltest NU ook beschikbaar in Tilburg!

Due to the high demand for corona tests, the wait for the results of the tests can take up to 3-4 days. Therefore, we have sought a solution in collaboration with our fellow entrepreneurs in the form of a quick test to reduce the number of sick calls (read quarantine). This has increased significantly on a national level in recent weeks, with all the associated negative consequences.

A quick test allows us to quickly test whether someone is carrying the COVID-19 virus. The test is offered easily, quickly and at a low price. Within 20 minutes you will have the result including certificate. The rapid tests can help us to fight the coronavirus better and keep the social and economic traffic going.

We, the Verbo-Group, find it important that this test facility becomes available to everyone and have therefore done our part by providing a safe test room with parking facilities. You can find all the information about this at We believe that everyone can and should benefit from this.

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