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Verbo Group - a Leading Recycling Specialist in the Liquid Packaging Industry

Updated: May 16, 2022

For years even decades our planet has been and still is under pressure. The climate is changing and waste is a significant global issue. Sustainable solutions and innovation in waste management are getting more and more important.

With professional expertise in waste management since 1997. The Verbo Group collects processes and recycles waste.

A worldwide specialization in unburdening waste and waste streams. With global partners, resources and facilities; The Verbo Group focuses on waste minimization and more important waste prevention.

Thousands of truckloads are processed yearly. Special types of waste, including paper and plastic are given a new destination. In laminated reels, lids, granulates and paper. The Verbo Group is becoming a leading recycling specialist in the liquid packaging industry.

And together, as a company, a group, as a society. Together, as an industry. We can do more than just business. We can operate with a mission. A mission called zero paper waste.

With different products and still the same goal. The world needs us to work together and do the best we can. Hundreds of partners, dozens of countries, four companies, one group.

We are The Verbo Group

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